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I've dabled in lots of classes, gone swimming and hit the gym, but one type of exercise is one I've tried, tested, and although I loved, didn't quite stick to. Meaning to try again, I was invited by the wonderful Donna of CurveSomeYoga to a Yoga class held in South London to try and test again.

I hurried down to parts unknown (yes there's still parts of London I havent visited) in my State Of Mind gym pieces with my yoga mat strapped to my back. I was excited to exercise, meet people and experience yoga. Although I love my spin I do like exercise I'm able to almost relax with. I've recently been advised to try exercise to help siatica pain and Yoga is one that I've seen come up time and time again that can help.

I was welcomed to the class by Donna and the other Yogis. They were all so friendly, and I loved finding out a bit about their journeys through the class. Some had blocks to help (which I'd definitely need.) I was amazed at how great they all were and it was so inspiring to be with other women of my size watching them achieve these incredible moves. 

I definitely didn't feel out of my depth, and pushed myself as far as I felt I could. It was tricky remembering the order of some moves, but once practised it came at ease remebering what came after what. 

The whole experience was just such a great eye opener. Having felt confident in other gyms/classes I've gone to, and even going to a class I know there'd be other plus ladies, it is difficult not to feel nervous when going. I felt nothing but confidence in what I was doing, learning and what I wanted to achieve once I was there though. 

Donna is a fantastic teacher, who not only knows how to do the moves herself, but is someone who doesn't push you beyond your limits. She knows what each person in her class is capable of like some sort of magic. She offers solutions if you can't do the moves (ie positioning of hands/feet or use of blocks.) and although teaching a class, you really feel like it's one on one with her words of encouragment and attention.

Due to my hectic life (weekends are a constant issue doing anything) I've not found myself able to commit to a saturday each week (which is when her classes are.) but I am hoping I may be able to join classes when I can, and hope I see progression and also benefits of attending this way.

For any plus size ladies out there wishing or dreaming of doing yoga, I'd fully recommend attending Donna's classes. You'd be suprised at the capabilities of your bodies, and how far you can push them. Of course yoga is all weird poses and balances, but Donna helps you find the solution best to you to help you achieve. 

So I hope you guys may be happy new yogis one day like myself.


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