Tips On Moving Successfully And Calmly - My Recent Life Overhaul

Tips On Moving Successfully And Calmly Cardifforniagurl
Change. It’s something that if you’re anything like me you hate going through. Whatever it is, once my routine or plan is put out of place dramatically and quickly it completely throws me off. So you’d be surprised to hear about the last couple of months of my life.

Not only did I decide to end some relationships in my life, I chose to start a new job and also move home. Yeah two big major moments in anyone's life and 'the queen of I hate change' decided to do it all within two weeks.

Among that I had horrible news within my family that completely turned my life around. I was closing pretty major chapters in my life as well as learning to let go and say goodbye. I can honestly say the last two months have been difficult and almost a complete blur.

The job move its self was pretty easy. Progressing forward, I’m now working somewhere I feel a lot more confident, secure and happy. So that change I instantly felt was good for me.
My move was a little turbulent, but it was made so much easier with preparation.
I’d wanted to move for a while. I was living in a place that should have only been a temporary solution, but due to again changes I ended up just settling and staying put. The convenience of location helped, and also my routine was set. The place wasn’t the greatest though and sharing with strangers and the lack of space meant I had to move on.

A friend suggested we moved together, and in no hurry, we decided to take it slow and steady until we knew we’d found the one. London rentals are awful. Landlords simply do not care and the cost before even considering deposits and the rent in advance are ridiculous. We weren’t in a position of having to move just want so we were able to take our time.

I slowly but surely prepared packing, throwing (I dread to think what the move would have been like if I hadn’t got rid of what I did) way in advance. After what felt like months (it was maybe only 6/7 weeks of searching) we found the one.

The move itself, due to preparation, was seamless and so stress free. The amazing team at Fantastic Services came and did an end of tenancy room clean and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Booked and confirmed, I simply had to be there to let the cleaner in, who brought all the equipment needed. The quality and attention to detail was fantastic and my room was perfectly clean to hand back to the landlord and receive my full deposit back. They actually provide a whole range of services such as pest control, home removals, handyman, gardening as well as cleaning. 

I also pre-booked a man and van who were able to complete the move from door to door. I preferred to pack my own belongings but several companies do offer this in a package. I compared the price on the website compare the man and van and it was so good. They were so flexible and also so helpful when the company we’d booked first hadn’t made note of the booking. They did all the work to find a replacement and at the same price we’d been quoted previous.

All in all, both changes and everything life’s thrown at me should have knocked me down, but with a bit of organisation and prep it’s all been amazing. And I’m more than excited to organise my new room and start showing the progress of making what I’m hoping will be a home for a good couple of years.


Tips On Moving Successfully And Calmly Cardifforniagurl

Tips On Moving Successfully And Calmly

Tips On Moving Successfully And Calmly


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