6 Months Until Christmas 2021 - Make Your Own Advent Calendar.


** Dare I say it Christmas is 6 months away WHAT?? Yes we’re half way through 2021 already, and Christmas is on the horizon. I love to be prepared and I love gifts and ideas that are personal and can be customised. Although I’m not counting down just yet, there’s nothing better (even in adult age) to have an advent calendar to open each day through Dec to the big day it’s self.

It’s the season to be jolly, Christmas season. You want to start with something with drawers that could hold small items easily. This can be the ready made wooden boxes, a material stocking, or you can get creative with cardboard and paper. Something perfect in size for holding lip gloss, small toys, and candy etc.

Supply List

This is ideally what you could use, you can purchase this easily from craft stores UK but I’d encourage you to use what you have around the house.

Printer paper (to print on to)

Wrapping paper and/or cardstock


Clear drawers/wooden drawers/Stocking



Toys/trinkets to add

  • I would start by using a christmas fonts website, and searching for fonts and numbers to download and print to stick on.
  • Once you’ve done this, I would take some glue and careful apply each number to the chosen boxes you’ve decided on.
  • I’d also encourage printing and making it completely personable by printing out ‘name’s advent calendar 2021’ You could even sign it off from Santa.
  • Once you’ve stuck down and it’s dried I would then look to make it as festive as possible with ribbons and crafts that’ll make it stand out amongst the decorations.
  • And then when it comes to the count down watch their faces light up as they open each personalised surprise.
  • The hardest decision is what to give for that last big gift.

There are also many other creative ideas below that may influence you to make your own calendars:

Decorate paper bags and hang them from a string with clothes pins.

Glue toilet paper rolls together in the shape of a tree. Seal the back of each tube with a circle cut out. Put your item inside and seal the other end with another cut out with a number on it.

Decorate a box filled with numbered envelopes. The most adult like one, this could be fun as a treasure hunt idea or clues leading up to the big day for an extra special present on the big day such as a spa trip away  the clues could slowly lead up to the present it's self.

Either way Christmas is about giving as much as it is receiving and being able to create a fun and personal gift, especially one that gives so much joy, happiness and hope after what’s been a horrible couple of months (dare a say years at this rate) Creating your own crafty advent calendar won’t only spark the ones you love, but it’ll be fun for you to create and watch them open.


I love the idea of those special gifts where you know someone’s put time, love and effort in to and I’m sure your loved ones would feel the same.





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  1. Crazy to think that Christmas is only 6 months away!!
    Jenna ♥
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