The Growth Of The Influencer 2021

My life over the last several years has been an adventure. I studied fashion in college with a nod to design, which swiftly moved to a love of marketing. I studied fashion marketing at university and through this discovered the up and coming trend of blogging. These blogs were popping up left right and center, and I discovered a world of other plus size babes with attitude, style and were people I could connect with. I knew immediately I wanted to join this and with that created Cardifforniagurl.

The world of blogging started so niche, and I think the attitudes were it was some new digital hobby, I’m not sure many people saw what could and has come off this. Social media had just started what felt becoming less formal settings, and a really fun place to share. Instagram had just taken off. Gone now are the days is it acceptable to post bad photos, with most now aspiring to get the perfect shot and show the perfect life (little do they know.)

That was way back in 2009 and through the years social media sites have over a billion users, bloggers have naturally made the shift from websites to social accounts such as instagram, where it’s all about those instant viral moments people can simply click or swipe on, and it really isn’t stopping.

People are now using their niche moments, their deepest passions, creating dedicated followers who latch to their every word and recommendation. The power these people hold can be created in months, compared to brands where it’s taken years. The money to be made and is spiralling from brands is incredible. It’s almost priceless to what power and influencer an influencer can now have on a brand, turning a local small online brand in to a multimillion pound empire just from the endorsement and feature on their account. Influencers are now creating fashion lines, candles, beauty ranges, all with their names and faces slashed across branding and billboards.

With the likes of a social platform like Tik Tok  now creating more paths the influencer train is not stopping. Am industry that by 2022 is expected to be worth over $15 billion.

It’s now easier than ever to discover your niche/talent such as beauty influencing, create an account, and stand out content that people connect with, share, and help you grow.

It does take time to build an authentic audience though, and with more and more people joining the influencer world, brands are using clever ways and AI technology to really look at who fits for the brands image and campaign.

The growth of influencer marketing is far from done. With more and more entrepreneurial people, technologies advancing, I’m confident to say we’ll see more and more social media sites pop up that the next generation of kids latch on to. That goes without saying with this there’ll be more and more people discovered for their talents, their passions, and becoming experts in their niche.

It’s a wild world, but it’s one that’s incredibly exciting and one that isn’t going anywhere.


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