Dating in 2021 - A post pandemic world

Now that we're nearly living in a post pandemic world, and with normality in sight, everything we once knew we're finally able to do. A big one for the other singletons in the world is dating. Getting back out to that world safely and comfortably is the biggest challenge. Being able to get out to meet people, sit in a bar, communicate away from a screen. It really brings back a more personable approach. But that doesn't mean it won't start using online dating sites.

I've adapted to the challenge of dating online as a young 30 something, and I've decided to take the challenge head on. What else was there to do other than one walk a day and binging that Netflix series over and over again. But I am so excited to re join the real life dating world and meet those who I've communicated with digitally.
The biggest hurdle with dating is figuring out what you want. There's specific sites out there such as subsanddoms and mybdsmhookups  that safely allow you to explore exactly what you want in confidence. Feeling empowered and in control, sites like the above allow you to be open, confident and match with people with similar tastes.

Using sites like this helps you really whittle down what you want and gives you the power in knowing others are looking for the same. You can update your preferences, safely add some cute photos of yourself traveling, at a festival with friends, with the family pets, in my fave outfit........ you know the happy and positive ones that show you in your best light and ones you feel completely comfortable sharing. Armed with a essay bio listing out your passions, what you like or want to find in someone, the messages will come rolling in . But for me it didn't stop in the messages, along came zoom calls during the pandemic. Much like work you could have a party up the top, and pjs at the bottom to sit in comfort and relax, the bill was always split so no awkward end of date back and forth who was paying, and the drinks and food weren't half bad either if I do say so. Now we're in a post pandemic world though the reality has set in, we're back to dressing up and putting our glad rags on to meet in person.

To make online dating more fun at first I have a few things which I think are perfect to connect and find out about one another.

This or that:

Before meeting virtually I'd normally arrange some sort of thing to bring. Much like in normal circumstances I found this or that a real quick fire way to find out more about the other person. And it would be a great way to bounce off one another and trickle down to other conversations about their likes or dislikes.

Quiz night

Another fun one was quiz night – Taking in turns to ask general knowledge questions to find out out clued up your date was on the wider world. If like me you watch far too much tv and your heads in the celeb gossip type websites you’re sure to maybe not perform too well, but again it opens up the conversation and eases you both in.

Now the world has began to open a little, there’s still no reason to not maybe take the first step digitally. With apps becoming the norm. Seeing someone in their natural world digitally is the first best thing to connecting with someone and I've really opened my mind up to dating in digital world. And Who’s not to say prince charming may be coming to a screen near you soon.

But always remember do what feels comfortable and do only what makes you happy and safe.

And when it comes to meeting always remember to meet in public, always request to see several photos of a person online so there's no nerves and you know who you're meeting, tell someone and of course have a fully charged phone with you and don't do anything that makes you feel pressured or uncomfortable.
I was kindly gifted some tools (pictured above) that have helped me find my confidence, and have made me feel empowered taking the next steps in to dating.

Pillow spray - often used for sleep and relaxation, the lavender within this spray is a key ingredient. Lavender is renowned for its ability to calm without sedating, and helps reduce anxiety. Lots of people attribute this to helping reduce nerves, and oh has this helped mine.

Candle - amber scented, this candle was specifically selected for that sensual - bedsheet moment. The scent is incredible and fills the room.

Wellness journal and pen - I 've logged my feelings, dreams and goals and spent some time to reflect and grow using this journal.




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