About me

Hey I'm Michaela (Mic to most),

So if you haven't guessed from the title I am welsh, born and bred. I'm not actually from Cardiff but from a small village outside of Newport.

I work as a Digital Marketing Manager by day, Tik Tok presenter ad hoc, and I'm returning back to my love of blogging and social media here.

I started this blog so I can share my adventures, my tips and tricks, and I also want to inform and encourage women of all sizes to dress how they want and feel confident with it.

 Some quick facts about me:

  • I am 32 years young.
  • I lived in London for 8 years, moving back to South Wales, where I bought a home by myself.
  • I love tattoos and have pretty much lost count of all the ones I have now.
  • I’m 5ft 9.
  • I love mozzarella sticks & pizza (it’s an addiction)
  • I am called the Mexican queen between friends as I cook a mean Mexican fest. I also have ate at pretty much every Mexican restaurant in London and sampled their burritos. Mmmmmm burritos
  • I can’t go a day without a cup of coffee.
  • I used to be addicted to coke a cola, it's now turned to pepsi max cherry.
  • My favourite movie is easily Step Brothers......Boats and Hoes. 
  • Ariel is my favourite Disney character, and my favourite Disney film.
  • I have been to over 150 gigs and probably wouldn’t be able to name all the bands I’ve actually seen live.
  • Pop punk is not dead. My favourite band is the pop punk band called The Wonder Years.
  • I used to dance when younger. I did Jazz, tap and Ballet until the age of 14.
  • I have travelled quite a bit, including America, Bali, Europe and Japan
  • I can play the flute, drums, guitar and piano.
  • I love swimming. If I could stay in the water and swim around all day then I would (yes mermaid at heart)
  • I'm a Apple girl for life. It's all I've ever owned and all that I trust.
  • I'm an avid picture-taker. You may get that impression from my instagram
  • My first car was a ford fiesta called Chanel. 
  • I used to have a gold fish that lived for 12 years. Her name was Vivienne (Westwood)
  • Yes I name prize possessions after designers.