Benefit Make up - The Gabbi's head pub

So it's World Cup fever around the world (not so much in England due to being knocked out) but those amazing creatives at Benefit make up have insured us ladies aren't without, whilst the men are away watching the games. Introuducing the Gabbi's head, named after their Glambassador, the pub caters for near enough every womans dream. Cocktails, eyebrow waxing and make uppers all under one roof and of course the footy will be on the big screens for us girls to oggle at the fitties on the field. They also offer 10% off all products bought at the pub ;).

Through out the month or so there are themed nights including comedy nights, Bingo night and wine tasting, which is what me and my flatmate Carley went to test out.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I arrived, a pink pub decked out with benefit products and an amazing football chair. The wine tasting it's self was amazing. Themed with Spanish and chilean wines (the match at the time was Spain VS Chile.) We were given wine in a glass on the left and glass on the right and had to taste each, choosing if left or right was the winning goal (favourite wine.) Whilst tasting we were given information about each wine which was really interesting to know, especially as I usually just glug a bottle and not actually think in to the process of how it's made. Once the goals were counted the winning wine was announced and it was a predicted goal for that country. Spain won the most votes which of course wasn't reflected in the game haha. 

After that I had my eyebrows done. They did an amazing job and totally understood when I said I wanted to try keep them a bit thicker (doing a Cara Delevingne. We got talking to an amazing lady part of the Benefit crew called Claire. She helped us with products and we had a natter about the up and coming product they're real! push-up liner. 

The uniform is ridiculously cute. I want a Benefit jersey :)

The pub is near London’s Covent Garden, 151 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5TD (Above the Price of Wales) from 13th June-13th July, and is open midday till late.  Check out the calendar up above for themed nights throughout the month.  

It is worth checking out and popping by for a quick drink if you get the chance ;)


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