The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier is a designer I have admired for years. From being a rebellious child, turning on her tv late at night to watch eurotrash, to the seductive tv adverts for his famous perfume and aftershave 'classique' and 'le male'. There has been something that draws me to Jean Paul as a designer and person. 

Known for finding beauty in what society deems ugly, Jean Paul has worked with and placed plus size ladies such as Velvet d'amour, Beth Ditto and Crystal Renn on his catwalk shows. I admire near enough every piece of his work and when I found I could have the chance to look it up close and personal I had to take the chance.

The whole experience of the exhibition for me was incredible. Themed rooms which showed a huge array of detailed costumes and outfits, and holograms on mannequins faces which spoke and gave such funny facial expressions. As freaky as it was it gave the collections life and a personal feel. I managed to see outfits worn by my favourite artists such as Kylie, Madonna and Beth Ditto. 

Here's a few pictures from my day:

I would honestly recommend people to go see this exhibition. The work and outfits are absolutely incredible and it gives you the chance to come literally face to face with the items (there isn't any glass blocking you, but of course no touching is still in place.) The exhibition is at the Barbican until 25 August 2014. 



  1. This exhibition looks amazing! I love his work he is so extravagant but glamorous. I miss eurotrash x

    1. It was soo good. Especially seeing the stuff up close, really makes you appreciate it x