Calling all plus size Asos Curve fans

Based in London or visiting this week? Get yourself down to Asos HQ in Camden for their body scanning sessions.

The sessions are between 9am and 8pm (lunch 12:30-1:30) until Friday the 20th. Just turn up, fill in a short questionnaire and away you go to be scanned and measured. You will need close fitting underwear on but I promise no one will see you down to your undies thanks to the lovely soft robes provided (the staff aren't mean either, made me feel completely un judged or conscious.)

The event it's self is to help Asos with their fit. Have you ever recieved an item and it just hasn't fitted, despite ordering in your size? Ever felt disappointed and frustrated in the fit and style of the Curve range? NOW is your chance to contribute and make a impact, with one of the most trend lead plus size high street collections.

  'Size ASOS aims to revolutionise your online shopping experience by using the data to inform a truer representation of the modern person's body within product development. The more we understand your needs, the more we can do to meet them – giving you greater choice, better fit and improving your overall satisfaction with everything you order from us.'

The event is in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University and they hope to scan almost 2,500 people over the course of two separate Menswear and Womenswear events, of this their hoping 300 will be curve customers like me and you.

I hear you all thinking, what is in it for me? As part of the event you'll get to visit ASOS HQ, you'll contribute and be part of the biggest body fit session Asos has done, whilst viewing the summer collections and you will walk away with a £5 gift voucher as a thank you!

So all you have to do is make your way to ASOS HQ (near Mornington Crescent tube station), where you'll be greeted by ASOS staff.  The scan uses the latest TC2 Body Scanning Technology and will take over 100 unique measurements, which you then get given the results of your scan to take away and use for any future online shopping.

Of course if you change my mind, Subjects can withdraw at any time from the scan process without reason :)

I for one felt completely comfortable before, during and after the event and am more than happy to help if it means plus size retailers like curve can use the information to not only provide trend led clothing but clothing that fits.


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