I have been move than lucky and very fortunate and thankful to have been invited to so many press days lately. Simply Be was no exception. I have been a fan of the brand for years. My mum used to purchase clothes for me from there until I got my own job and could get that pesky credit account hahahaha (dangerous!) 

I was invited along by Lee Publicity and Simply Be to preview their Spring Summer 15 collection and as always, it didn't disappoint (well okay I did walk away upset that I have to wait till next year to get hold of all the clothes.) 

In the Penthouse Suite of the Sanderson  we were shown a range of collections and swimwear pieces that will blow you away. My list is as long as my arm for the up coming season.

Drooling over the Denim! How amazing is this jumpsuit and the dungarees ?? So easy to wear and chic.

Bags and shoes, bags and shoes. Need I say more?

Paint splat galore


Loving this leopard print

Amazing Aztec! 

Even more COLOUR

This faux wrap dress felt and looked amazing. 

A cut above the rest ;)

This jacket is a must have! The neon details, the leopard print lining. 

This print! I need it in everything single thing made. (and this whole outfit)

MUST HAVE!!! this co ord is incredible! Tropical delights

Saucy Swimwear! Get those tummys, legs and arms out!!

Anna Scholz for Simply Be bomber jacket Styles with mesh detail swimsuit! Get me to the pool!
Amazing embroidery detailing on the arms! 

Nowwwwwwwwwww ladies! This swimsuit.....I can't even fathom words. I just want it!

Anna Scholz for Simply Be Contrasting oriental co ord on the left! LOVEE!
and 2 in 1 pu dress to the right!

Love the Ombre detail on the left dress!

Perfect Pink! Bright, fun and guaranteed to get you noticed

Pastels are back - along with the acid wash! This skirt was a DREAM!

Cute textured dress

Me and Katie called this the bitching suit! She thinks I'd rock this look ;)

Selfie with the outfit of dreams ;)

Sign your life away in the book ;)

Amazing machine. Print your hashtagged insta pics! 

Selfie with mah girl Lucie

The Lookbook

On to the lifts - Space age? Galaxy hipster print? Ughh I loved every second in them hahaha

Becky - Me - Mayah - Mookie

Lucie - Me                         Katie - Me

My seflie               Me - LisaMookie

Me - Isha - Rosie - Nancy Katie

Far too many ladies to tag but alllll the blogger babes :)

Spot any pieces you want?  It's definitely okay to want it all :p



  1. Can't really get my head around (brrrr) summer yet, not too much I'm excited by here if I'm really honest. i do like the tropical print though. Funnily, the bikini is screaming at me, yet i haven't worn or needed one in at least 20 years!

  2. I love the first dress! looks stunning <3

  3. Loving all the prints and pastels! Looks like you had a great time xxx

  4. I love all the patterns and prints, it makes the clothes stand out so nicely!