Fierce Grace Review with State of Mind

I was invited along to try out hot Yoga at Fierce Grace whilst wearing the amazing plus size sportswear brand State Of Mind.  I’ve recently started a journey to become fit and active.
When I was invited along to try something new I jumped at the chance to get involved.

If you’ve not heard, Fierce Grace is a UK brand that is way ahead in the Hot Yoga revolution, bringing Bikram Yoga to London since 1994.

I arrived at the old street branch with my mum and met the amazing team behind state of mind and fierce grace and all the blogger babes. We were given an outfit from State Of Mind to wear and had some shots taken before we got hot and sweaty and all zenned out.

As soon as the doors opened to where we’d be taking the class a waft of heat hit us immediately. If you don’t know Bikram (hot yoga- in the name really) is performed in a room heated to 40°C.

The classes are designed for all levels, ranging from first-time students to advanced practitioners. I'll be completely honest, yoga has never been a go to exercise for me as I have always felt that you needed to be a certain level of fitness to enjoy and complete the classes and poses. The idea of balancing and holding your leg up, and all the other crazy moves you hear and see was never something I'd thought I'd be able to attempt, let alone complete. The teacher was so supportive and encouraging and I surprised myself with how much of it I could do. We were given a supportive band to help with some of the moves, but even the teacher used one to help assist him, so I never felt silly or like I was the only one struggling. I didn't feel like my size or body couldn't do it and am so so happy I had the opportunity to try this amazing class.

During the 90-minute session, we were taught poses that move every muscle, tendon, joint and ligament. The teacher taught us how each pose encouraged muscle relaxation and blood circulation. The heat is there to encourage and strengthen the cardiovascular system and flushes toxins from the body through sweat ( I’m not sure I’ve ever sweated so much in my life.)

I left this class feeling rejuvenated and energized. We were gifted 5 extra sessions and I really want to build on my strength, flexibility, grace, balance, and endurance in these classes. The most positive effects for me after the class was my mental well-being. I felt a lot more productive, focused and balanced the days after. I felt so relaxed and happy immediately after the class too. I think Fierce Grace will be seeing a lot more of me. Living in a city like London I think this is the perfect way to escape and calm both the body and mind once in a while.

Now I’ve been an avid gym goer for the last 3 months and I’ve gone through a lot of gym kits. Leggings just don’t seem to stand the test of time, either becoming too big or holes forming from the amount of washing they’ve gone through. You can instantly tell with the clothes given though with the fit and quality of fabrics that these will last. They were comfy, durable and were functional to allow me to really stretch and feel at ease to do the yoga poses. The wrap top did admittedly have to come off once I felt the heat, but the cropped leggings and ruched vest top actually kept me cool and confident. I didn't once have to pull the leggings up or pull the top top down, I just got on with the class not thinking twice about how I looked or having to alter and struggle with the clothes falling down.

Calm before the storm <3

Wrap Top

Left To Right:

Hollie, Lorna, Katie, Diana, Me, The Curve Box (Terrible with names), Steph, Betty, Sarah

Check out our moves ;). Will be become fully fledged yogi's in no time.

Ladies if you had the same thinking of me I'd suggest just going for it. Each class is suited to what ever level you are at and all body shapes and sizes. We were given alternative ways of completing poses that would be easier but gives the exact same results as doing it the other way, so don't feel like it's un achievable. I'd seriously advise the classes to anyone, especially to my friends who are caught up in the hectic lifestyle of city life, and who need that zen in their lives :p.

Check out both brands social Media links below:

State of Mind:

Fierce Grace  Hot Yoga:



  1. Ahhh I love the sound of Bikram Yoga! I would love to try it but there's nowhere local to me annoyingly! You look fab in the state of mind gear :)
    Love lucinda xx

  2. Looks great fun - and a really good location. I'm starting to think about finding a class for myself, but probably Pilates to help my back

  3. lovely ladies!this is great!i've always wanted to try yoga

  4. Oh my goodness this looks amazing I so want to go is it very expensive??? Love the sports wear too I can never find any good ones to wear!!! Looks like fun!!

  5. Aww you all looks so happy and I would love to take part in these classes that takes place in London. :) I would love to exercise with you lovely lot. :) xx

  6. I have always meant to go to Yoga! it sounds brilliant, might just go to classes :)

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