AW15 Anna Scholz Collection - Sneak Preview

Anna Scholz Sneak Preview AW15

I still pinch myself knowing that I'm an employee of Anna Scholz. A lady whom I've admired for years, and someone who put their faith and trust in me, giving me my first opportunity within the plus size fashion industry. This month see's the AW15 collection drop. In 4 stories she's created looks that flatter, stand out and make you want more.

Along with the 4 stories Anna has created four taglines to go with each look. Not one to shy away Anna hit's the nail on the head and really shows that Anna Scholz is exclusively plus size, not holding back in her statements (but since when has Anna ever held back in her collections, the louder and more outrageous the better I say.)

I may be biased but I can't pick a favourite story from AW15. Each has it's own characteristics that make it their own. The shapes and prints match perfectly. My favourite outfit has to be pairing one of Anna's printed a line skirts with the wrap top. Whittling your waist in and flaring out over your curves. I'm lucky to have the outfit below and can't wait to wear it with some cute ankle boots this Winter.

Anna purposely chose models to suit each theme and I can't help but be delighted with her choices. Using strong confident woman that reflect each theme is always a win in my eyes. The amazing Aglae, Sarah, Nicole and Felicity all make each look their own and rock each outfit.

Do you have a favourite story? Or tagline?

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