Boohoo Plus AW15

BOOHOO Plus Press Day AW15

The plus size industry has grown over the last few years, and fortunately for us ladies straight size brands are adding a plus section to their collections. If you haven't heard of Boohoo I'd be surprised. With their catchy tv adverts, billboard adverts and continuous pages in the magazines, the brand added the plus size range to their collection to the line roughly two years ago. I was fortunate to go along to their AW15 press breakfast to view their up and coming collection.
Now ladies do we have a treat coming up. The brand are known for their forward fashion pieces at very reasonable prices and I think the following pieces are show exactly that. 

For me the brand is one of the only straight sized brands that trickle down the styles and trends from the straight lines to their plus sizes. They aren't afraid to pop a crop top in the mix or show a little skin. 

This season the collection was split into three groups. First of all you had what I called the kardashian collection. Neutral tones, easy shapes, tight and fitted. I loved the majority of pieces from this drop

The second drop was monochrome glamour with a deep red tones. There were plenty of Pu details, textures and lots of easy shapes.  

The third drop is GLAMOUR and SPARKLE in a huge way. This will be the Xmas party drop and everything is simply to die for.

The accessories and footwear as always are on point from the brand. Lot's of fringed details, laced up shoes and furs are on their way. I loveeeeee the pom pom high heels below. 

Warning!! This coat is the coat of dreams. Me and ToodlelooKatie had to try it.

I can't wait until these pieces drop so I can pick them up. Keep an eye out on the website in the next few weeks for them to come online guys. 


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