Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls - Boohoo Plus

BooHoo Plus Review - Sleeveless Waistcoat

I was lucky to be invited to the BooHoo Plus Press breakfast  (sneak peak here) and was gifted an amazing outfit by the PR babes there. 
I chose three pieces one being this amazing waterfall cardigan. I can feel myself more and more stripping back the colour anf gravitating towards kahkis, camels and black. They are such simple colours but ones that can make or break an outfit in my eyes. I am a huge fan of sleeveless waistcoats at the moment also. Some people don't get them but I think they are perfect for the transitional seasons/weather. Pairing with a long sleeved garment it just really sets off an outfit.

I styled this piece with a pair of jeans and a polo neck top for a easy but sophsticated look whilst shopping with my bae (lucielovesit.) When shopping, especially alogn Oxford street I always get hot and flustered on the best of days. And taking a coat or jacket on and off and carrying it is just not something that works well with me. With this look I was still covered from a slight chill in the air but could shop with ease, whilst still looking chic and sophisticated.

I think the waistcoat is a really key piece to have. Even if you don't want to brave a lighter colour a simple one in black really s useful to layer up and create a chic look.

Top - Asos Curve (SOLD OUT) 
Bag - Moschino.



  1. I love how you've put all these basics together and created such a stylish outfit. That's a skill girl!

    1. Thank you lovely. I'm loving the less is more look atm. xxx

  2. Looking good bebey! Good to see you the other day. xx