#stylehasnosize Evans campaign- the bloggers take over

Our Size Has Style - Bloggers take over style has no size

You may or may not have noticed yesterday's push for the #stylehasnosize campaign and the UK plus size fashion week event. Using 5 models (who for the record are beautiful) to represent the hashtag and both brands/events in a 'live' photoshoot along Oxford street. Now Evans and UKPSFW it's not the hashtag I'm angry at, I carry my tote bag with the label loud and proud every day, the problem I have is the lack of diversity in the body shapes used and how I can't relate to any of the girls bodies.
The girls cannot be any bigger than a 16, they all have a flat tummy, no double chin and a smooth slender figure. This is not a representation of my body shape or my friends. So much more could have been thought up to communicate this strong hashtag that really could have been pushed the message and caught the attention of everyone in a positive way. Instead everyone back lashed on social media against it and in fact didn't want anything to do with it. 

So what did me and 4 other babes do about it. We created our own to show that in fact it is really possible to break down the social norms of what is deemed acceptable fat. 

It really was as simple as getting us in a pair of jeans and putting on a white top and asking us to pose. And it may be a tiny bit biased but I think we look hot!! 

As a plus size customer we really aren't asking much. For a campaign that I believe in so much I think it would have made total sense to get models of all sizes to really showcase that diversity. This revolutionary hash tag means nothing Evans and UKPSFW doesn’t truly believe and show their support of the community. 

We should all be working together to break down the social norms and really push for diverse body shapes to be seen. I really think both brand and event missed an opportunity that could have really caused a stir and I hope our images iron out the mistakes made.

From left to right Katie - Abi - Stephanie - Me - Hollie



  1. SO FUCKING SICK! Excuse my language & capitals! lol www.chloepierre.com xo

  2. I love this SO much! You gals rock. xx