The Meat Co

My review of the Meat Co London - Westfield

So a few weeks back the amazing Chloe Pierre randomly invited me to wine and dine with her and experience the amazing restaurant The Meat Co

I had walked past the restaurant at West field White City a few times and it had always caught me eye. A restaurant fully dedicated to meat. Now what's not to love (unless your a vegetarian obviously.)

We were sat and greeted by an amazing team of staff who really could not do anything else to make our visit amazing.

We started with a odd combination of chocolate and beetroot bread and calimari. Now can we just talk about the bread. It was sweet where needed and salty where is wasn't. Both flavours worked and the texture was amazing. I could eat it happily over and over again, just with some nice salty butter layered on top. and of course I ordered a champagne cocktail. 

Through out the night I was recommended cocktails based on my preferences and the guy was 100% spot on with the choices he made. I had several some being sweet, some sour, one had chilli which really gave it a kick, one was creamy which complimented desert, until I finished the night on a pornstar martini. 

For main we decided to try Wagu steak. The price of the meat varies so there is no set price for this cut of meat. The cows are massaged and played classic music, which improves the meat and taste :p. We order a few sides to go with but the amazing staff gave us a few extras so we really got to taste all that they offer. The food quality and presentation really was incredible. Every thing was cooked to perfection and the taste was out of this world. I really struggled to eat it all but just couldn't leave it.

Our desert was again a taster selction and omg were we in heaven. We tried a South African take on a sticky toffee pudding called Madiba Charity Malva Pudding. It was a lot heavier than the classic spongy pudding we're used to and the flavours were a lot more intense. We also had mango sorbet, tiramisu, toasted coconut and raspberry vacharin, dark chocolate fondant and a brownie sundae. The desert really was incredible, along with the taste but also the presentation. 

The service and food were 100% and I really can't wait to visit again. The quality and value for money were astounding. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. If you're looking for somewhere with a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance I'd suggest coming here. I had such a lovely time with Chloe catching up, eating amazing food and the staff really were welcoming. 


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