Flexible Working With Pow Wow Now

Despite having a 9-5 (or 10-6 actually) I am fortunate to be able to work flexibly for my blog. It's this flexible working that allows me to be creative and in control of my working hours. I can manage and balance my working life, whilst still benefiting from my social life.

This flexibility motivates me and also increases my productivity. It allows me to enjoy my surroundings and become inspired. 

“I love the freedom of flexible working and that my home is my office. This means I can play whatever music I want, at whatever volume to really motivate me. I definitely find my most creative ideas come from being comfortable and motivated in my own personal space.” 

My home office is predominately my bed, my Mac book and a good cup of tea. I have a play list of music that has soothing tunes, happy tunes and some damn right tunes that keep me concentrated and motivated. 

Having the comfort of being surrounded by my own personal space is such a luxury. Everything is to hand and at my convenience. 

I have a good internet connection (all be it a slow performing mac) but I am in my own personal space with no distractions. 

I am strict to my deadlines and I get dressed in clothing, rather than hanging around in my pjs. I find this puts me in a positive head space and also makes me feel ready for the day. It gives me a routine of normal working day and means I don't stray off course.

Of course I am hoping in my next home move to be able to create an actual home office/desk space so I am even more inspired. I love nothing more than cool, creative spaces on pinterest and instagram. I already have my dream set up and will be working towards creating that space. 

But for now, my creative space is just me myself and I on my comfy bed, listening to my playlist and have my convenience surrounding me to ensure I reach my maximum potential. 

Check out the flexible working guide for employees by Pow Wow Now for tips and tricks and advice.


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