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A Summertime Occasion - What To Wear

I was given the opportunity to show you guys my summertime occasion look. Now the sun is nearly out fully and the temperature is getting hot hot hot! I wanted to show you guys how to also look hot but feel cool at all those Summer events you'll be heading too.

30 Before 30 - My List

So by the time you read this the clock would have struck midnight and I will be 25. The grand old age, 1/4 of a century old. I have been having serious prangs about reaching this mile stone but when I look back on my life it's crazy to see how far I've come. 

Summer 2016 Plus Size Styling

What's this I see? Is it warmer temps and sunshine? I think it is. And with this it has prompted me immediately to create a wish list of things I need to be on trend and fashionable this season. My Summer Sandals will be coming out, my legs will be bare and my Winter coat will finally be laid to rest in the back of my wardrobe.

Doll White Teeth - Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Solution

Doll White Teeth - Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Solution

I love nothing more than a pamper and to make sure my teeth are in tip top condition. I've always wanted to try teeth whitening, to help maintain a sparkling smile. Due to excessive coffee drinking my teeth aren't as white as I'd like. I've been looking at products but I've wanted to find some teeth whitening gel that isn't harsh or damaging. And I have found the perfect solution.

Summer 2016 Footwear Wishlist

Summer 2016 Footwear Wishlist Jones Bootmaker

Summer is nearly upon on us (is that cheers I can hear in the distance?) Believe it or not the British weather already looks like it is trying its very best to shine and produce hot and rain free days. I am a ladies sandals girl through and through. If I could wear them in the winter I would (this has been tried and tested and I ended up very ill.) I love everything about Summer, especially feeling the heat and light breeze between my toes.