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My Christmas Gift Guide - For The Males & Yourself

SO Christmas is vastly creeping upon us and if you’re anything like me this year then you’ve hit panic stations, thinking you’d completed your shopping but alas forgetting things along the way. My minds been all over the shop with some huge changes recently in my life. Some changes I’m grateful for, and some well some I could have done without. I’ve put this guide together and whilst looking for items spotted a few things I’d like myself.

#HealthAndHome With Slater Gordon

So 2017 is going to be a big year for me. I’m finally taking life by the horns and doing it my way. This includes ticking off my 30 Before 30 List, and also changing my living situation and moving in with friends (rather than share in the dreaded shared accommodation situation I'm currently in.) 

#SmallSpaceSleeping with Bed Guru

The sleep specialists and bed retailer Bed Guru * has just launched a collection of convenient, self assembly beds and headboards, called The Landmark Collection.
These beds have been designed to slot in to place and can easily be assembled and dissembled, making them less of struggle whilst moving home or just simply moving around a room. My only question, why did I not know about these beds until now?
To promote this new collection, I’ve been asked to blog about how you make the most of your small, rented living space.

Dreams Can Come True

Dreams, the visions you see when you sleep or ambitions and things you aspire to in life? I have dreamt both in my 25 years. Dreams that I had whilst sleeping as a child that still haunt me to this day, dreams I have achieved and am currently living. I was approached by adjustable beds to write about my dreams and how they are so important to me.

As a child my parents were constantly told of my vivid imagination. I aspired to do such adventurous things, I dreamt things that I still sometimes get confused if they are real or not. But the main thing is I've never stopped dreaming.

Topsy Curvy - Off The Shoulder Khaki Dress Of Dreams

So unless you've been living under a rock the off the shoulder trend is here and isn't going away. Whether a top or a dress it's a simple way to dress whilst showing a bit of skin. Not really ideal for the winter months you can layer the look to make it a little warmer. I purchased this Khaki off the shoulder dress from the babes at Topsy Curvy whilst at Curve fest (more info on that coming up in a another post.) Khaki is my go to colour right now and I simply couldn't say no to the dress for the price it is at.