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Festival Hair Style With Neal And Wolf

So the main aim at a festival is to look cool but make it look effortless. Whilst also trying to do you're hair on a small travel sized mirror in the outside of your tent, with no electric appliances. OH the glamour of festivals :p. Usually it's a slap job for me as I'm too hungover or busy trying to run to catch the first act I want to see, but I thought I'd give this festival inspired hair style a go by following Neal and Wolf's instructions. 

Sharing The Love With Curvissa

I have a lot to thank blogging for. Without it I wouldn't have made the move to London to intern and to be at the point I am in my career, I wouldn't have made the connections I have or experienced the amazing opportunities that have came my way, nor would I have the bestest friends I have and can call thee bestest friends today. Although it has always been a hobby for me, and I do sadly feel like I'm moving more towards posting on instagram and dropping out of the blogging game, I'll always cherish and be thankful for all that'd came my way with Cardifforniagurl.

My Acupuncture Treatment - ‘Back to Health’

My first memory of seeing acupuncture being performed is Charlottes experience on the Sex In The City Episode ‘The Domino Effect’. I just remember seeing these needles on the screen and being curious as to what they were being used for. I mean at that age needles were evil and only used to give nasty injections, so seeing them being used in a way that wasn’t like that intrigued me.

Festival Fashion With Simply Be - Look 1 Flow Festival 2016

Plus Size Festival Fashion Advice Simply Be
SO this post is one of three festival clothing looks I have prepared. Now we're nearing the end of Festivals (Reading and Leeds are currently on and Bestival is September) but I'm going to show you how to buy items that'll see you through any occasion too. I love festivals. It's a chance to hang out with friends, see your favourite band live, dance to your hearts content, dress up and just have a really good time. Come rain or shine (always pray for Sun) there is just something about the festival atmosphere that just sets it apart.

Festival Essentials : Anti Chub Rub Shorts

So music festivals are long days filled with the sweet sound of live music, sweet smell of cider and food (and the portaloos) and having a blast in the sun (with any luck.) Days of camping and going through tonnes of dry shampoo and wet wipes as there's no showers available , the last thing you need is a case of the chub rub between your thighs. Well fear no more as I have the secret weapon to fighting chub rub enjoying your weekend of fun.