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Los Angeles For the Fat Traveler

Now LA really got me, and I'm 100% putting it on in to the universe that one day I'll live there. There's just something so chilled (minus the awful traffic) about it. Each place just has a vibe that I get and that pulls me in even further. Now there is SO much to do here. But I'm going to list my tips and tricks that I discovered whilst there.

My West Coast Adventure - Tips And Tricks For The Fat Traveler

So like a lot of you I love to travel. From the very beginning trip to the airport, to the plane and then the actual adventure. I just love the excitement, the what if's, double checking the long list of things I want to see or do. But as a fat traveller there always is a little niggle my size may cause issues.

Lovehoney Goes Plus Size

Lovehoney Plus Size Lingerie Review Cardifforniagurl
So we're all adults here, and if you're not I'd suggest taking your eyes, ears and self off this post right away............