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Mermaids Don't Have Thigh Gaps - OBD Clothing Curve

OBD Clothing Curve Mermaid T Shirt Review
I am a avid spin goer. The adrenaline rush and the feeling of getting rid of the stresses of the day is so addictive. I was approached by OBD clothing and found they had started a curve active range of T-Shirts with slogans on. Now when I saw they had a purple coloured top (note to brands, we don't just want black active wear) and a mermaid slogan I was sold.

Quiz Curve - Floral Print Jumpsuit

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the high street store Quiz, finally extending their range so us plus babes can shop amazing trend products, at an affordable price. It’s so great to see brands take on the message we want more, whilst they listen and provide the answers.

Let's Talk About Sex - Scarlet Ladies Talk Of The Town

Let's talk about sex (positivity) baby..... I was invited to an incredible meet up of sex positive women the other week at an event run by Scarlet Ladies. Held in a mexican themed bar (not relevant just really cool) I attended a panel discussion.

Flower Power Shoes With Simply Be

Rocking the flower and dot power this week in these block heel sandals. I always go for comfort with footwear. My big feet blister and hurt so my go to is normally a pair of trainers, but I am loving the selection on offer for wide fit and stylish shoes. A go to for me is simply be. I can guaranteed find something, and 9 times out of 10 they fit.

My Roman Holiday Adventure - Win With Navabi And Manon Baptiste

I have always had a fond spot for Navabi, but after they quite clearly had a change on their social team (eg we all know what babe I’m talking about – AKA Bethany.) Their constant want and determination to change the way plus size fashion is shown, marketed etc is incredible. They continue to push the barriers and break the molds.