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Festival Essentials : Anti Chub Rub Shorts

So music festivals are long days filled with the sweet sound of live music, sweet smell of cider and food (and the portaloos) and having a blast in the sun (with any luck.) Days of camping and going through tonnes of dry shampoo and wet wipes as there's no showers available , the last thing you need is a case of the chub rub between your thighs. Well fear no more as I have the secret weapon to fighting chub rub enjoying your weekend of fun.

Motivational Phone Cases - Lalla Co.

Everyone needs a little pick me up now and again. Whether it's a chocolate bar, a glass or vino, or simply reading an inspiring quote that lifts your spirits and puts you back on path to where you want to be. Lalla are a new company providing your phone with a secure protective case with an added motivating touch. 

My Holiday Fashion Wishlist - Dreaming The Days Away

This year it seems my holidays have been booked with many adventures to explore the world. So less time relaxing by the pool side, and more adventuring about seeing what each place has to offer. I have already visited Dublin and Italy and I will be on my way to Finland in August for a music festival (watch out for lots of up and coming posts.)

Flexible Working With Pow Wow Now

Despite having a 9-5 (or 10-6 actually) I am fortunate to be able to work flexibly for my blog. It's this flexible working that allows me to be creative and in control of my working hours. I can manage and balance my working life, whilst still benefiting from my social life.

A Summertime Occasion - What To Wear

I was given the opportunity to show you guys my summertime occasion look. Now the sun is nearly out fully and the temperature is getting hot hot hot! I wanted to show you guys how to also look hot but feel cool at all those Summer events you'll be heading too.