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Happy New Yogi

Curve Some Yoga Review - Plus Size Yoga Cardifforniagurl
I've dabled in lots of classes, gone swimming and hit the gym, but one type of exercise is one I've tried, tested, and although I loved, didn't quite stick to. Meaning to try again, I was invited by the wonderful Donna of CurveSomeYoga to a Yoga class held in South London to try and test again.

Plus Equals Cleo Co Ord Set

Plus Equals Cleo Co Ord Set Review Cardifforniagurl
Okay so I'll admit I purchase on a whim and sometimes don't take in to consideration how that brand has treated it's plus size customer. 
The plus pound as I like to call it is something brands are cashing in on, and some are cashing in only to hear the chings in the till, rather than actually producing ranges that fit, where the quality and design are amazing, and to just simply want to support us they customer at all (i.e currently still showing size 12 models showing off the clothing- Campaigns that don't feature plus babes.)

Rock Chick Glam With Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing Limited Collection Black Vinyl Leggings review Cardifforniagurl

I most definitely love a bardot top and I’m also fond of shiny leggings, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these two pieces from yours clothing in their range. Red is always a colour I’m drawn to but stay away from....but I thought would pair perfect with this shiny black PVC for a glam /rock chic outfit.

In The Style Curve - Day Edition

In The Style Curve Sports Stripe Sweater Dress Review

I really don’t like to compromise on style. I’ll happily freeze in order to look good. I remember I used to wear the most ridiculous shoes in winter and freeze my feet off (probably why I have bad problems with circulation and keeping them warm.) so when I come across items that not only make me look stylish but keep me warm I’m sold.

In The Style Curve Night Time Glam

In The Style Curve Paperbag Highwaist Trouser review
I can’t speak highly enough of In The Style Curve. Since they've launched just over a year ago, the collection has offered plus size customers fashionable, affordable clothing. I do find some of the dresses on the short side, but I am 5ft 10. But I’ve been nothing but impressed by the quality and fit of items I own.