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Flower Power Shoes With Simply Be

Rocking the flower and dot power this week in these block heel sandals. I always go for comfort with footwear. My big feet blister and hurt so my go to is normally a pair of trainers, but I am loving the selection on offer for wide fit and stylish shoes. A go to for me is simply be. I can guaranteed find something, and 9 times out of 10 they fit.

My Roman Holiday Adventure - Win With Navabi And Manon Baptiste

I have always had a fond spot for Navabi, but after they quite clearly had a change on their social team (eg we all know what babe I’m talking about – AKA Bethany.) Their constant want and determination to change the way plus size fashion is shown, marketed etc is incredible. They continue to push the barriers and break the molds.

Tips And Tricks To Relax And Look After Yourself

Tips And Tricks To Relax And Look After Yourself

We all need to take 5 minutes in life to look after ourselves. Male or female we all have ways to make ourselves feel happier, comfortable and safe. I always try to push myself as far as possible and get to a point where I run myself to the ground and I can feel it not only effecting my mental but my physical health.

Casual At the Front | Party At The Back - Customised Denim with Evans

Hahaha so the title was inspired by the amazing Simona on the Evans Pr team (told you I’d shout ya out babes.) I was kindly invited along by some of my fav pr’s to the Evans customising denim event a few weeks ago.  As soon as I heard about the idea at a previous press day I prayed for the day an invite would drop possibly drop in my inbox and when it did I responded in seconds.

My Top Tips For Getting Ready For A Girls Night Out In London

So we all love a night out. Whether every weekend or just once in a blue moon, a chance to let our hair down, dress up, and have a boogie (alcohol not compulsory) there's no denying we all need that break. So I’m talking you through my outfit and general preparation for when I hit the town. Living in London there is literally everything catered for whatever taste you have. Music wise, setting wise, drinks wise, food wise. I’m very lucky to spoilt for choice.