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#Faceyourfirst with Clairol Nice 'n Easy

 First times, now I know for a fact your mind instantly is drawn to thee first time. Sex, the first time you do the deed. But the reality is we have many firsts in life. Some significant, some not, but with firsts we all know for sure we’re going in to the unknown because we’ve never done it before.
Now some firsts for me are emotional, they are sad, heart breaking and ones I just wish I could go back and change, some are amazingly happy, joyous and ones to celebrate.

The Curve Fashion Festival 2018

The Curve Fashion Festival 2018
An event I will always and forever shout out, support and hold close to my heart is the Curve Fashion Festival (see the previous posts here TCFF15TCFF17 ). Run by two incredible girl boss ladies, they constantly put plus size fashion and plus size people to the fronts of their minds, to accommodate and welcome year on year. The event is in its fourth year and really has no signs of slowly down or getting any smaller.

Hello It's Elvi

I've been a big fan of Elvi since the beginning. Another plus size brand, but one that I felt answered my preys for a cool, edgy, tailored style. Think along the lines of cos, zara etc. Owning several key pieces, I feel the brand is perfect for those wanting a wardrobe that is stylish, trend led and you can mix and match with.