Boo-hoo Plus - how to style a plain black sleeveless waistcoat

I've been uming and arghing over this waistcoat for a while, and had previously posted it in my list of boohoo wants. On a whim I decided to go for it and I’ve not regretted it since. With the weather being so nice as it is, this waistcoat lets me layer up without having to suffer with the heat.

 I love how simple and how easy to wear it is. If you’re looking for a plain black sleeveless waistcoat then I’d suggest you go for it and buy one. This Boohoo one is sadly sold out but I've included a link for similar item below that's just as good (Is it bad I'm contemplating buying that one too?.)

I created two looks below that I wore casually out for the day. I decided to take a pinch of inspiration from Nadia with my crop top and high waist jeans look (please note none of this outfit is from Nadia's collection with boohoo, but I will be featuring pieces soon.) I teamed up my pleather trousers with a stripped bardot top in the other picture whilst going for brunch with friends. I think both looks are edgy and cool and I felt really confident wearing both of them. 

I think this is a key piece to smarten up a look but whilst still keeping it look casual. I think teaming it up with a long sleeved item is key but I am open to the idea of popping it over something also sleeveless. Will definitely get a outfit post up of that look and how it goes. 

Waistcoat  Alternative Pink Clove (Via Asos)
Necklace H&M (no longer available)
Hat primark (similar here)

Waistcoat  Alternative Pink Clove (Via Asos)
Top Asda (similar here
Trousers Evans (No longer available)
Boots New Look (similar here)

Have you tried out a sleeveless waistcoat yet? 
Let me know in the comments below



  1. I love both looks but the first one is my fave. The hat is amazing! I wish I could wear hats but I always feel l look a bit silly :D

    1. Thanks lovely :) I agree I love the first outfit soooo much. Just try it babe, I thought my head looked ridiculous in one and I tried one and I loved it. I'm having problems in the wind though with mine hahaha xxx

  2. Hey =) I really like this look, specially the hat.

    P.S.: I think your blog name is very smart and original.

    1. Thanks lovely :) Aww I think someones mentioned its confusing as I dont live in Cardiff anymore but my love for Katy Perry is still there hahaa xxxx